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Chiropractic Services


Chiropractic care provides a conservative (non-invasive and drug-free alternative) approach to evaluate, diagnose and treat disorders involving the spine, joints, muscles and nervous system.


Chiropractors often use a combination of manual therapy techniques (including spinal and extremity manipulation, mobilizations and soft tissue therapy), modalities, exercise rehabilitation, self-management tools and patient education. Manipulation techniques, often referred to as “adjustments”, are a quick, comfortable and controlled maneuver that chiropractors and other practitioners use for a variety of effects including reduce pain, induce motion into a joint, help relax muscles and stimulate nerves in the area.


Initial appointments will begin with a thorough history taking to better understand the case, pertinent health and social history, and goals of the patient. Evaluations typically involve observation, orthopaedic tests, biomechanic assessments and functional assessments that help clinicians form a diagnosis. A patient-centered focus and evidence-informed practices are used to develop a plan of management to help the patient achieve their goals. Chiropractors may also collaborate with other healthcare professionals to provide patients with the best possible care and appropriate resources.


If you want to schedule an appointment, have any questions or wish to inquire more about chiropractic care, please contact us!

 Initial Assessment (60 Minutes)       $ 120
 Reassessment (45 Minutes)             $ 105
Follow-Up Treatment (30 Minutes) $ 70

For more information about Chiropractic Services please contact Dr Andrew Lee Chan:

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