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Extended Health Plan Coverage

Most extended health plan benefits include massage therapy coverage.

Check your policy to find out your per treatment and annual coverage.  Some plans require a note or referral from your doctor.


We offer two types of extended health plan services; DIRECT PAYMENT from your insurance as well as DIRECT CLAIM SUBMISSION..


With DIRECT PAYMENT the massage therapist will submit your claim on line and your insurer will pay the therapist directly.  If your insurer coverage is a percentage of the treatment cost you will be required to pay the difference. 

If your plan is not set up for direct payment we may still be able to submit a  DIRECT CLAIM on your behalf. In this case you would pay the therapist for your treatment and be reimbursed by your insurance plan. Reimbursement usually takes an average of 2-3 working days.

When you book an appointment you will be emailed a health history form  where you can provide your extended health benefits information. We will receive the information once you've submitted the form and verify your coverage prior to your appointment. You will be contacted if there are any concerns. 


If you would like us to verify your coverage prior to booking your appointment please complete the form below. 

Please contact us if you also have secondary benefits. 

We direct bill/claim with the following insurance companies:

  • Sunlife Financial

  • Manulife Financial

  • Greenshield

  • Canada Life (Great West Life)

  • Industrial Alliance

  • Blue Cross

  • Equitable Life

  • Empire LIfe

  • Chamber Of Commerce

  • ClaimSecure

  • Johnson Inc

  • Johnston Group Inc.

  • NexGenRx

  • GroupHealth

  • The Cooperators

  • Desjardins (No Direct Billing)

  • SSQ Insurance

  • Maximum Benefit

  • First Canadian

  • GroupSource

  • Manion

  • Cowan


  • Benefit Plan Administrator

  • D.A. Townsley

  • GMS Carrier 49

  • GMS carrier 50

  • Luna Local 183

  • Luna Local 506

  • RWAM Insurance Administrators

  • Telus AjudiCare

  • Union Benefits

  • Medic Construction (Greenshield)

  • People Corporation

Extended Health Plan Verification Form

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