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Lee Brown

RMT, Certified Reflexologist

I have been practising massage therapy since graduating from Kikkawa College in 1999. Through the years I've worked in a variety of settings on many people of all walks of life.

The beauty of working in this industry is that the learning never stops. Every body is unique and all bodies have their own experiences. I enjoy the challenge of trying to determine the cause of my clients discomfort and using my knowledge and techniques to provide them with comfort and relief. 

Along with learning effective massage therapy techniques to help my clients, I have a keen interest in nutrition. I am of the strong belief that many of the discomforts the body can endure is partly due to what we put into it. So in eating healthy, or eating what we as humans were meant to eat, we can at least improve our bodies ability to fight off and resist some of the things that can hurt us.


My mission is to help my clients establish and maintain a healthy lifestyle through prevention and education. 



Lee's Availability

Sunday      9:00 am - 3:00 pm


Registered Massage Therapy

Foot Reflexology

Shockwave Massage Therapy


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