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Kassie Lloyd


Kassie's interest in massage therapy began while she was receiving massage therapy to deal with muscle soreness she experienced from riding horses.   At that point she realized how integral massage therapy was at alleviating muscle and joint pain, and preventing injury. That was when she realized what she wanted to do. 

Kassie graduated from Oxford College massage therapy program and became a registered massage therapist in early November 2021. 

Kassie believes in treating the body as a whole and can draw from her own experience as well as her clients needs to develop an effective treatment plan. 

She is constantly enhancing her current skills and developing new ones through her gained experience and by working with other health care professionals.

Kassie also aspires to acquire certifications in hot stone massage, cupping and acupuncture. 

Kassie Lloyd's  Availability

Monday to Friday

8:00 am - 4:00 pm



Registered Massage Therapy



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